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Basic hosting:
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VT Pro 1: $AUD399.00 includes 1 (one) time only payment of $249.00 for server setup, webspace customisation then $150.00 per year for hosting – Total = $399.00. Setup is a one time cost for the creation of the web account. The cost of the VT Pro 1 installation is based on the allowance for customisation of the client’s webspace including, email accounts, ftp accounts, nameserver redirects, api access, cms installations and account configuration and cPanel access.

Installation Charges:
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CMS (Content management systems) are a free web site system that uses the GNU public licence. Anyone can download an Open Source CMS such as Joomla, WordPress or Drupal for instance for free and install it on a webserver like Visionthang. Visionthang does not charge for the CMS as such but instead charges for the installation and configuration of the CMS at an hourly rate of $50.00/per hour. The CMS can be installed & configured within 5 hours. Minimum charge for a CMS installation is $249.00.

Updating and Editing Charges:

Customers have full control of their websites to manage and edit content. However if a customer prefers that Visionthang manage and update their website for them, the charges are as follows.

  • (A) Editing and Updating camera ready* text and content : $32.50/hour
  • (B) General site administration: $32.50/hour
  • (C) Proofing and editing text: $42.50/hour
  • (D) Graphics Editing & manipulation: $65.00/hour
  • (E) Website template customisation: $50.00/hour

*camera ready means text and artwork has been proofed and approved by the client


The client is responsible for the content management of their own site. Visionthang will install both an html site and a CMS site (customer to choose: Joomla, WordPress, HTML etc) upon payment of an order through the Paypal gateway. Client is emailed login details for access and management of their site if they choose to do so. Alternatively, the owner of the site can hire the services of Visionthang to edit and manage their site at an agreed rate.

Visionthang will provide the client with login credentials to their site after payment of an order for a system such as the VT1, VT2 or VT3. Login details will be sent automatically to the client’s email account. New customers can contact Visionthang Support via the Pre-sales contact module at Visionthang.net or call using the Australian Freecall number listed above.

24 Hour site Installation:

*24 Hours site installation: This is dependent on the customer having their content, (articles, pictures, logos, photographs, drawings, mp3, mp4, wav or other sound or audio files) available and edited at the beginning of the process. This system allows for;

> up to five (5) articles at 500 words per article
> up to five (5) menu items (eg: home, about, contact, products, news) or similar
> up to five (5 photographs or drawings or logos) – must be jpg and no greater in file size than 250kb and suitable for uploading to the web.

The 24 hour period will begin from the moment that the above content has been received by Visionthang. The content must be provided electronically and thoroughly spell-checked by the client. Visionthang takes no responsibility for articles that are uploaded or installed with incorrect spelling. Visionthang reserves the right to charge time for spell checking and proofreading if necessary.

If any of the above items are not available at the very beginning of the process, then the quoted 24 hour installation schedule will be spread over an appropriate period of time that reflects any delay. This could cause the project to be 24 hours spread over single or multiple weeks depending on the delays and the preparedness of the content  by the client.

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The VT1 Pro CMS is a Joomla CMS which is a free open source content management system. Included within the standard Joomla! CMS is a range of extensions pre-installed and available for use if needed. There are also thousands of other free and commercial extensions available in the Joomla Extensions Gallery. Joomla! is one of the most powerful and versatile CMS systems available and configured to easily manage and present.

> Shopping Carts
> E-Commerce
> Forums
> Social Networking
> Blogging
> Databases
> Galleries
> and more.

Visionthang can add value to your website by installing any module that you may require for your site. Just contact visionthang to discuss adding extensions to your site and how you can have your product or shop space up and running.