Easy web site solution – $499.00

Take control of your content by using a WordPress with ‘on-the-fly’ editing. No need for dedicated software.

  • Total Cost: $499.00  (includes setup cost $349.00 + $150.00 hosting for 1 year)
  • BLOG system or WordPress CMS* installed
  • Bespoke service
  • Up to 5 Pages
  • Up to 5 Menus
  • Up to 8 Images including 1 logo
  • 1300 support (freecall in Australia only).
  • Custom upgrades available
  • Redirects (optional)
  • Extra email addresses (flexible)
  • CMS template installed

CMS* Websites (Content Management Systems) that use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or similar systems, provide the users and website owners with on-the-fly editing capabilities from anywhere, without the need for dedicated desktop software. All you need is an internet connection. All of your software for web management is built into your own web site’s control panel – and includes tools for uploading files, editing content, creating databases, access controls and more. You can upload media to your site directly from your CMS or through your site’s control panel (Cpanel). You can also Link social networking sites to your website or install shopping carts to manage sales of your unique products and services.

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